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Vacation Travel

Isn't it time you took time away? From cruises and packages to honeymoons and family trips, our specially-trained agents will make sure you get the most out of your next getaway.More

The Quality Quotient

We never compromise quality – ever. Our pursuit of excellence is your premier advantage: When you put the Activa Travel team to work, you get continual, comprehensive support for your corporate travel department.

Our Quality Assurance services include:


  • Low Fare Monitoring
  • Seat Checker For Preferred Seating
  • Unused Electronic Ticket Tracking
  • Waitlist Priority Clearance
  • Passport Expiration Notification
  • Hotel Rate Monitoring
  • Car Rate Monitoring
  • Corporate Rewards Program Management
  • And More!

What's more, our quality assurance department delivers consultative savings by managing business rewards programs. From tracking points to redemption to free vouchers, we make things easy for your company to cash in. We even have an analytical tool that establishes a baseline for your current programs, develops strategies to exceed those baselines and measures your success through a customized scorecard.

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