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 Vacation Travel

Vacation Travel

Isn't it time you took time away? From cruises and packages to honeymoons and family trips, our specially-trained agents will make sure you get the most out of your next getaway.More

Earn More From Our Expertise

In today's corporate landscape, controlling costs has never been more critical. We understand the challenges you face in managing travel expenses through unpredictable market changes – and we're capable of helping you power through them with travel solutions that meet your business needs and your bottom line.

Together with our consulting partners, Activa Travel provides a broader, deeper analysis of travel data than our competitors. Our consulting services span many aspects of travel program management, including:

  • Procurement For Air, Hotel & Car
  • Program Compliance
  • Travel Policy Management
  • Travel Program Benchmarking

Through our expert consulting, we promise to earn your confidence – and earn you the economic advantages of working with a travel partner that meets and exceeds your travel financial goals.

Our Consulting Services

Activa Travel provides travel management advisory services that guide clients through a complex travel environment. Our combined focus on consulting delivers proven value, unbiased counsel and a customized approach for every client and engagement, together with industry expertise and access to data driving quantifiable decision-making. 

Get Smart With Travel GPA©

Does your travel management program make the grade? Find out with Activa Travel and our in-depth, web-based travel analytics and benchmarking software solution that provides the "GPA" – Great Professional Advice – you need to run an effective travel management program. Using technology automation tools and strategic consulting services, Travel GPA analyzes your overall travel program based on policy compliance and performance measurement against other companies and database parameters, including Similar Spend, Similar Industry and Travel Originating Regionally. You can calculate and compare the carbon footprint of your company, your individual travelers and your vendors against your peers. Further, you can even drill-down, by individual within your organization, to target those missing, obtaining and surpassing each and every one of your corporate objectives.

Peak Performance & Vendor Negotiations

We work diligently to create travel programs that stress best practices with our preferred vendors, including air, car and hotel program consulting. Which means we expect nothing but the best overall solution from our vendors – from rates to availability to performance – and we negotiate until we reach these standards.

Need-To-Know Traveler Training

Corporate travel planning isn't simple but, with Activa Travel, we make it easy. Our team gets your travelers in the know and ready to go with comprehensive traveler training and education. Doing so makes being away more comfortable for them – and less cumbersome for your travel department.


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